Concept Novodia

Concept novodia

  • Selection of your garmentt

    Your surgeon will select the type of garment best suited to your surgery and a scar gel kit if necessary.

  • Assisted measuring

    Over the phone, your assigned clinician will assist you step by step in taking your measurements.

  • Synchronized delivery

    Your garment will be designed and manufactured right here in Canada from your own pattern. Then it will be delivered by the schedule established with your surgeon.

Calling appointment : 1.888.965.4370

(The measurement service is also available at our offices)

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  • Give your body,

    the support needed.

    Our garments are created specifically for the shape of your body and the exact location of your surgery to provide a scientifically calibrated compression therapy.Swelling is one of the most common reactions after surgery, the body responds by producing a liquid to protect the area where the surgery was performed. Compression at this location reduces the amount of fluid that accumulates between the layers of skin promoting faster and optimal healing. A full range of garments are available and will be assembled only for your needs depending on the type of surgical operation.

The multiple staples closure system allows your garment to be


Each of our garment is in fact a medicalproduct.

Gel formula reducing the unsightly

effects of scarring.

The gel sheet completely covers the treatment site to create an occlusion for uniform distribution of the moisture needed in order to establish an ideal healing environment. The Scarfix gel is a derma-repair treatment that helps reduce redness in addition to improving skin tone and appearance of scars by combining biotechnology and plant extracts with trace elements.

Formule triple action

25% discount on Gelskin with the purchase of a novodia garment.

  • Areola

  • Circle

  • Anchor

  • Caesarean

  • Abdominoplasty

  • Liquid gel

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